About Me

   Areas of expertise: corporate governance, business strategy, organizational ethics, financial accounting and reporting, corporate sustainability and environmental performance.
   Visual artist, photographer, gallery owner and curator.
   Philosophy enthusiast and LGBT supporter.
   Spoken languages: English (C2), French (B2), Romanian (native).
   Soft skills: Socratic conversation, active and empathic listening, role-play, public speaking.
   Computer skills: web design and HTML coding, Photoshop, SPSS, SQL, object-oriented programming.

Contact Details

Bucharest, Romania
(004) 0723 152 762

Psychology (BA)

University of Bucharest. Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
2015 - 2018

Graduation thesis: The psychological determinants of corporate whistle-blowing.

Accounting (PhD)

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Faculty of Accounting and Management Informations Systems.
2006 - 2010

PhD Supervisor: prof. Niculae Feleagă.
Doctoral dissertation (written in English): Financial Reporting and Accountability, the Pillars of Corporate Governance. A European Approach.

Research project funded by The Romanian Ministry of Education and Research: Grant for Doctoral Students, TD-2008-3, code 174.
Period: 2008 – 2009. Value: 33 055 RON.
Title: Financial reporting and corporate accountability, the pillars of corporate governance: A European perspective.

The Young Scholar Award (2009), presented by the Romanian Association of Business Faculties, chaired by prof. dr. Ion Gh. Roşca, Rector of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.

International Business and Economics (MA)

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Faculty of International Business and Economics.
2010 - 2012

Interdisciplinary master's programme: Research and Teacher Education for Business & Economics (EDU-RES).
Master's thesis (written in English): Who are the Participative Stakeholders? Insights from Corporate Social and Environmental Programmes, published in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, ISSN: 1877-0428, Volume 75, 3 April 2013, pp. 553–562.

Accounting and Management Information Systems (BA)

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Faculty of Accounting and Management Informations Systems.
2002 - 2006

Major in Financial Auditing.
Graduation thesis: A dedicated information system for financial accounting.

High-School Diploma

"St. Sava" National High-School.
1998 - 2002

Mathematics - physics profile, with bilingual classes in English.

Senior Lecturer, PhD

  The Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems.
2007 - Present

Previous teaching positions: Teaching Assistant, Lecturer.
Courses at master's level:
Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance 
 Research Methods in Accounting   
 Legal Aspects of Corporate Governance   

Courses at undergraduate level:
Accountant in Business 
Financial Accounting and Reporting (International and European Standards)  
Consolidated Accounting  

Coordinator / Member of National Research Projects

  The Bucharest University of Economic Studies.
Funding institution: Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.
2008 - 2012

Type: Grants for Postdoctoral Researchers, PD-2010, code 640.
Coordinator: Voicu Dragomir.
Period: 2010 - 2012. Value: 270 000 RON.
Title: Stakeholder mapping and value distribution in the European Union.

Type: Young Research Teams, code TE_337/2010.
Coordinator: Nadia Albu. Period: 2010 - 2013. Value: 606 000 RON.
Title: The analysis of factors which affect the professional status of certified accountants in Romania.

Type: National Research Plan, PN2-IDEI-2008, code 1859.
Coordinator: Liliana Feleagă. Period: 2009 - 2011. Value: 850 000 RON.
Title: Measuring the differences between national and international accounting standards.

Conference Speaker

  2007 - 2018

Participant and presenter at 30 international conferences and seminars.
See the list for details.

Scientific Reviewer

  Since 2010

  Reviewer for prestigious journals such as:
Journal of Cleaner Production
Business Ethics: A European Review  
Journal of Management Studies  
Journal of Business Ethics  

Budgeting Expert

  The Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Doctoral scholarship project, supported by the European Social Fund, through Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013, project number POSDRU/107/1.5/S/77213.
Project manager: prof. dr. Ion Stancu.

Researcher and Speaker

  Transgender in Romania  by ACCEPT Association

Voicu Dragomir has written and presented the quantitative data analysis from the report Transgender in Romania. ACCEPT collected between May 2018 and December 2018 quantitative data in a national survey with 123 transgender persons, and qualitative data in 4 national focus groups and 20 individual interviews. The report also analyzes information regarding the situation of legal gender recognition in Romanian courts. Based upon the conclusions of our report, ACCEPT has asked the representatives of local authorities, civil society, and local transgender activists from across the country to join them in an advocacy effort motivated by current threats and opportunities.

Gallery Manager and Curator

  Signum Gallery 
2014 - 2015

Signum Gallery was founded by Voicu Dragomir with the support of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, for the purpose of displaying solo and group shows of abstract and conceptual art. The Gallery has run 13 successful exhibitions of both established artists and newcomers in the field, also participating in the 2015 Night of the Galleries event. Voicu Dragomir was lead curator of the Gallery, setting up the artistic direction of the venue, inviting the artists and organizing every aspect of each exhibition, as well as the opening and closing events.

Event Manager

  ADfel by IQads (Blue Idea)

ADfel organized by IQads was the only branded entertainment event in Romania, a playground for brands and agencies to explore their creativity and for the participants to make their evenings out even more thrilling. Cultural, educational, ecological and social organizations (NGOs) were scheduled for the first three days of the event, the Culture Days, to unconventionally present their mission and try to make the world a better place. Voicu Dragomir selected the applications for ADfel Culture Days, organized the activities on site, prepared the press releases, designed the interactive website for the event, and welcomed the visitors.

Visual Artist

2010 - Present

"His drawings are precise and organic at the same time; the living shapes are a meditation in the search of the purest breath. There are no blurred outlines or angles in his drawings. He starts with a sketch of the motif and, from one end to the other of the black frieze, the living shape vibrates until it reaches its life peak, then it terminates in a symmetry with its beginning. Thus, the shapes grow and shrink, evolving towards perfection while preserving their specific vocabulary. Along this journey, the ambiguity of movement and the sculptural illusion are an open discourse on the shared conscience of living beings and their life cycles." (Dana Stoica)

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