Voicu Dragomir

Blind Spot

Solo exhibition

Venue: Londophone, Bucharest - Romania

Period: April 18 - 29, 2013

Curated by Laura Lucia Mihalca

The blind spot is a normal obscuration of the visual field, resulting in a lack of photoreceptors on the retina. Omitted information is supplemented by the other eye or by proxy data, so we will not perceive the blind spot. But if we choose to abolish this correction mechanism, then the fabric of reality will accommodate new threads of imagination. Collating sources ranging from the ethnic models to esoteric diagrams, the minimal contours and closed shapes keep the color trapped in ink boundaries. Despite the abstraction that is imposed on each drawing, the outcomes have a tendency to return to figuration, to invoke their familiar sources. The titles of the works are just a game of post-factual associations, as any contour requires us to identify the object to which it belongs. Not finding a correspondent in reality can be a frustration, but also a pleasure - that of letting imagination take over the blind spot.

In the present series, the pure playful element is a sign of the artist's imagination and his contact with the unconscious. We encounter mysterious tarot symbols, geometric designs, stylized portraits and masks, and even ironic reflections on famous logos. Images never reveal themselves in full, they elude a direct interpretation and keep a certain distance from the viewer, in their muted palette and apparently simple outlines. Despite their thematic variety, there is an underlying unity in this series of drawings. They all try to deceive the viewer into assigning personal meanings to shapes and colors which ultimately withdraw into their hermetic universe. It is like a discussion full of allusions, where the conclusion remains unspoken.