Voicu Dragomir

Contrast Media

Solo show

Venue: SIGNUM Gallery, Bucharest - Romania

Period: July 24 - September 26, 2014

Curated by Maia Stefana Oprea

The drawings, pastels and photography collected by Voicu Dragomir under the concept of "Contrast Media" lead us to think: here’s just another true hedonist! This is how the artist also defines himself, in an anti-illusionist outlook on painting as an urge for the perfection of form, as a condensed state of perception.

At a formal level, his works explore the sublimation of the line in Improbable Birds, the obsessive structuring of the image in Classical Anomalies, the psychedelic search of vibrating color in Repeated Accidents and Ball Lighting, and finally the harmony of geometrical repetitions in Klee’s Garden. However, the viewer needs to leave order and harmony behind to truly understand the mechanics behind Dragomir’s attempts to reconcile reason with intuition, intention with chance, in a universe which revolves around the contrast media. In medical terms, a contrast medium is a substance used to enhance the visibility of bodily structures and fluids, of blood vessels and the flux in the gastrointestinal tract.

The contrast and analogies between interior and exterior spaces, between the eros and chaos are formulated in the photographic series entitled The Wave, which is a precursor of all the drawings in the collection. The artist with his macro lens uncovers the organic traces of an intimate history, which can never be totally buried in the daily routine. All his organic shapes, whether finely traced in ink or captured in a glowing mass of wax crayon, are hesitant in terms of their classification, being close to perfection only as borderline cases.