Voicu Dragomir

Natural Histories

Solo show

Venue: SIGNUM Gallery, Bucharest - Romania

Date: December 5, 2014 – January 16, 2015

Foreword by Dana Stoica

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An anecdote has remained in my memory following a conversation with Voicu Dragomir: the gesture of a viewer who tried to touch the paper of one of his drawing, just to make sure that the shape created in ink was not moving.

In this exhibitions, the artist has given form to improbable creatures, either birds, plants, reptiles, or any combination in between. They are manifestly ambiguous, ready to change their shapes, colors and species, obscuring the meaning of their existence. The paradox of the living shapes is a constant of Dragomir’s work. His series of panoramic drawings entitled Natural Histories is a voyage along nine black bands filled with such livings shapes, born from gestural drawing and imbued with the warm hues of pressed charcoal, in a tender embrace of the paper. Dragomir does not use any instrument for drawing, except his bare hands and agile fingers. For him, the shapes are perfect in only one out of tens of trials, out of innumerable movements of the arm.

His drawings are precise and organic at the same time; the living shapes are a meditation in the search of the purest breath. There are no blurred outlines or angles in his drawings. He starts with a sketch of the motif and, from one end to the other of the black frieze, the living shape vibrates until it reaches its life peak, then it terminates in a symmetry with its beginning. Thus, the shapes grow and shrink, evolving towards perfection while preserving their specific vocabulary. Along this journey, the ambiguity of movement and the sculptural illusion are an open discourse on the shared conscience of living beings and their life cycles.